Fringe: The Fashion Trend That Gives As Much As It Gets

Everyone who aims to be on trend this winter is stocking her closet with articles of fresh clothing and such that possess one element in common: Fringe.

The look is as relevant now as it was in the late 1960s and early 1970s when it was often worn by hippies and wanna be hippies who wanted to dress the part, if not live it.

Shown in a diverse way this time around, fringe is being seen on everything from jacket backs and shirt arms to flowing skirts and the bottoms of low draped purses that cross over the body and act as a focal point.

Photo source: Pinterest

Even very long scarves are coming into stores decked out in exaggerated fringed details. The same goes for short boots, footwear that boasts fringe all over the ankles in rows so that the precision cut fabrication moves as you walk.

And then there are the more unusual places to find this frayed detail: On fringed vests, fringed minis and even fringed jewelry. In fact, many of the baubles on point are actually choker necklaces with loads of fringe running down into the collarbone and even as far as to the middle of your exposed cleavage.

All of this fringe seems like it might look a little too much like grandstanding but is isn’t when worn on just one element as part of a much broader fashion statement. A pair of ripped up denim jeans looks great with a fringed shirt while a peasant top compliments fringed boots in a keenly retro way.

In addition, bohemian frocks are paired with fringed vests (Check out the Kendall and Kylie crocheted variety) and even fringed sandals worn in warm weather destinations (think vacation!) with teeny bikinis of all description.

So, what fringe is your fringe benefit this particular season? Sound off below.