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The Best Swimming Holes in America

Swimming is one of summer's best past times and finding an epic swimming hole makes it so much better. These are the best ones in America, according to Travel+Leisure.

Why Is ‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ So Popular?

Why Is 'The Secret Life Of Pets' so popular? Audiences around the world are flocking to this movie in unprecedented numbers, with many saying they’ve seen it more than...

The Luckiest Teams In NFL History

Luck isn't just a quarterback in Indianapolis. It's a factor in the entire histories of major teams. Some have it. Some don't. And some have it in spades. Here are the...

Athletes And Their Most Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions

We may not all be athletes, but who hasn't experienced a lost bathing suit when diving, a ripped pair of shorts when reaching for a ball or tripping over our own pant...

Creepy Things and Abandoned Haunted Places in Florida

Cool Science: The Least Explored Places On Earth

There are some areas of planet Earth so inhospitable, forbidding and remote, scientists actually know more about the surface of the Moon. That will all change someday,...

Top Sports Brands In The World

Forbes Magazine has published their list of the Top Sports Brands In The World and we’ve sifted through it so you don’t have to. Why is this important? How else will...

Look at These Celebs on Their Way to the Prom

Before they became famous, many celebs were normal teens who did normal teen things. That incldues attending their high school prom. Here's proof.

Most Wanted Gaming Collectibles

It's hard to admit it, but gaming has been with us awhile now. Some games have even become collectibles. These are among the most valuable.

Top Ranked Amusement Parks for Summer Vacations

There's something about a day spent at the amusement park that makes summer so great. If you're looking for a new place to visit this summer, consider these top ranked...

The Walking Dead: Celebs On Cryogenics

Most celebrities are rich enough to live a fabulously interesting life. So, why wouldn’t they want to continue on forever? These stars have expressed an interest in...

Korean Beauty Secrets To Protect Your Skin

Korean Beauty Secrets To Protect Your Skin